Hockey 365

I have a book! It’s called Hockey 365: Daily Stories from the Ice. Published by Dundurn Press, Hockey 365 is 365 short hockey history stories, one for every day of the year.

A few seconds can make a game, even a season, and behind each play is a piece of history. Mike Commito (that’s me!) marks every day of the year with a great moment in hockey and shows how today’s game is part of an ongoing story that dates back to its origins on frozen ponds.

From the National Hockey League’s first games in 1917 to Auston Matthews’s electrifying four-goal debut for the Maple Leafs in 2016, Hockey 365 has something for everyone and is sure to give you a better appreciation for the sport we all love.

Where to Buy

You can buy Hockey 365 wherever you like to get books. If you’re in Canada, you can grab a copy from Dundurn | | Indigo | Kobo | Google Books | McNally Robinson or from your favourite independent bookseller.

If you’re in the United States, look for Hockey 365 at | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | | Kobo | Hudson Booksellers | Google Books

If you want a signed book for a friend or loved one, drop me a line at mcommito [@] and I can mail you a copy if you pick up the postage.

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A must have for anyone who considers themselves a hockey fan. Hockey 365 takes the vast, seemingly overwhelming history of the game and measures it out in an easy to enjoy structure. The biggest challenge is only to read one entry per day. I’m happy to say I failed that particular challenge – Colin Hanks, actor and director

Hockey 365 is a treat. I’ve long been a fan of Mike Commito for his knowledge and passion for hockey (check out his Twitter timeline for proof), so it’s no surprise that this book turned out the way it did. Great stories told by a historian who takes pride in getting his facts right. I really enjoyed this book – Jeff Marek, NHL/CHL host on Sportsnet and 31 Thoughts

Hockey 365 displays the history of the sport in a unique way, reminding us that every single day of the year has some momentous achievement or quirky happening. Like everyone else, I went to my birthday first, and now I know I was born on the day that Ken Dryden faced his brother in goal, making NHL history – Greg Wyshynski, ESPN 

One of my most favourite regular segments in any sport is the “This Day in History” type format that brings up great memories of moments, games, people, places and things that happened on that particular day. Mike has done a fabulous job going much deeper  to what we basically rip and read off the wire service.  It is a very entertaining and informative look at great hockey stories and moments that happened throughout the 365 days of the normal calendar year.  An easy read!  A fun read!  An entertaining read!  An informative read – Gord Stellick, former Toronto Maple Leafs GM and analyst on Sportsnet

A veritable cornucopia of hockey history and knowledge – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

What great fun to have a daily hockey story for inspiration. Mike Commito’s Hockey 365 is a delight for fans of the greatest game. From the Stanley to the Clarkson Cup, from Ballard to Rheaume, from Gretzky to Bure – and a whole bunch of stories you never knew but will be glad you now do – Roy MacGregor, author of Wayne Gretzky’s Ghost: And Other Tales from a Lifetime in Hockey

Mike Commito has long been one of my favorite hockey historians. He has a knack for digging up the game’s most fascinating moments and making them accessible to new fans and grizzled diehards alike. No matter how much of the sport’s history you think you already know, you’ll learn a ton from this book – Sean McIndoe, author of The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL

Mike’s daily snapshots of moments in time are the perfect reminder for why we love the game – Frank Seravalli, Senior Hockey Reporter for TSN

Mike Commito’s Hockey 365 can please and inform both die hard and casual fans. He even provides a twist or two on some of the most obvious dates on the hockey calendar. This book is proof that hockey happens 365 days a year – Ken Reid, Sportnet Central anchor and hockey author

Any hockey fan worth a pair of skate laces or stick tape will tell you there’s no such thing as trivia in the game, because no fact, no story or no event is trivial. In Hockey 365, author, historian and unabashed fan Mike Commito has assembled myriad facts, stories and events, a delicious feast that takes fans day by day through a calendar year, sewing it all together with a thread that links the past with the present. Times have changed and hockey has evolved, and yet, so much remains the same. You’ll enjoy every page of Hockey 365, well beyond the number of days in its title. The beauty of this sport is its wonderful shelf life, something you can say as well for Mike’s book, a terrific addition to any hockey library – Dave Stubbs, Columnist/Historian

An interesting read for hockey fans of all ages. For some it will be an education in the history of our great game. For others, it will bring back many terrific memories. Or both – Scott Morrison, NHL on Sportsnet commentator

I am stuck between loving the memory or trying to forget the day I got scored on by my younger brother in an NHL game but Hockey 365 is making sure I will never be able to forget it ever happened!! When I first started to read the book I planned on jumping ahead to that faithful day, November 24th, but from the first page I was hooked and quickly I was mesmerized by all these great events that shaped the history of the game. I read through the whole thing once and now I love to go back every morning to find out what historical event happened in the hockey world that day – Martin Biron, former NHL goaltender and NHL analyst

Mike Commito is one of hockey’s best historians. This collection of the game’s best stories is a triumph of his passion and insight — and is sure to enthrall hockey fans from every generation – Dan Robson, Sportsnet senior writer, author of Quinn and Bower

For all of us who live hockey every single day of the year (guilty), Hockey 365 is perfect. A great mix of history and storytelling that will only fuel your passion for the game – James Duthie, TSN

Having been in hockey my whole life, following the history of the NHL has always been a passion of mine. Hockey 365 is pure gold for anyone who loves the game of hockey. I couldn’t put it down. Mike’s ability to translate stories and events from all eras of the game makes it a MUST read for any fan – Jamie McLennan, former NHL goaltender